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Tactical Knives

Best OTF Knife - Skip The "Reviews" And Get The Best There Is

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Best Overall OTF Knife:

Cerakote RCT-1 Raven Tactical OTF Knife 

First, the blade is made of high quality materials and is extremely sharp, the sharpest of all of the blades we reviewed.  Second, the handle is grippy and well made, making it comfortable to use.  Third, the ambidextrous sliding button makes it easy to use for both left and right handed people.  Fourth, the Cerakote RCT-1 Raven Tactical OTF Knife is incredibly tough and has a famous lifetime warranty.  And finally... the price. It may be one of the most affordable blades in the market and that of course plays a roll in making it the best overall OTF knife.

OTF knives are a must have addition to anyones knife collection because they are not only functional, but incredibly durable making sure you can cut through anything (including tires, boots, seatbelts and more). The fact that these blades aren't always exposed means they are significantly easier to carry with you vs. a normal fixed blade knife.

It is INCREDIBLY important to get a good quality OTF knife because there's a lot that could go wrong getting a "cheap" or low quality one. For instance, not all OTF blades automatically retract, and that's an issue. Another major flaw for most OTF blades is that they don't have ambidextrous deployment buttons so they aren't as easy to operate. The Cerakote RCT-1 Raven Tactical OTF Knife has neither of these issues.

"This knife is just to hard to praise in words, you really need to see and feel it for yourself. The cerakote finish looks awesome and can definitely stand the abuse. When you hold this knife you can feel the quality, and when you finally push forward on the slide button and the blade shoots out you know you’ve made the right choice. The quality you get for the price is amazing. And the RCT team is so helpful and quick to respond to any questions or concerns you may have. I’ve definitely found my favorite knife company, and look forward to do more business in the future." 

 - Carl (Customer Review on Raven Tacticals Website)

Let's talk about the shape of the HANDLE!

Most tactical OTF knives seem to be shaped as either too rectangular or too "bumpy". When you see the Cerakote RCT-1 design you notice it's got some groove to it, but not too much.

It's a perfect fit for what's missing in the market. Not every knife needs finger grooves (when if you grab it upside down?).

Maybe the most important piece, 

For some reason it looks like MOST OTF blades in the market are NON serrated blades which is a HUGE mistake. What's the point of having a tactical OTF knife if the blade is just going to get dull after a few uses?

The Cerakote RCT-1 uses a full size 3.75" D2 Steel 60-62HRc Blade which is perfectly serrated for those who like their knives SHARP. But also has a partially serrated blade edge which gets the tough jobs done. It's hard to cut through seatbelts with a non serrated edge.

Affordability Matters!

This knife is not only one of the most affordable quality OTF knives on the market, but it is also one of the most reliable. Considering the blade is made from premium stainless steel and features a black finish that is corrosion and rust resistant, you'd find it hard to match the price UNDER $200 elsewhere. 

See The RCT-1 For Yourself Here
For this exact model the price starts at only $149.
(Compared to a Microtech which starts at $415)

So, not only is the knife quality an A+, the price might be an A++ for what you're getting. It's hard to find a fault big enough to overlook that price difference, but this knife ranks as our top OVERALL choice thanks to having the insane quality... a great blade... lifetime warranty... sleek look... and a really good price!

In summary-Here's why the RCT-1 Wins!

The Cerakote RCT-1 Raven Tactical OTF Knife is one of the best knives on the market because it is incredibly durable, has a great design, and is made from premium stainless steel. The double action out the front mechanism is ambidextrous and can be operated with either hand.The blade is deployed with a simple push of a button and is automatically retracted when the button is released, as well as having a partially Serrated edge. The RCT-1 also has a safety switch to prevent accidental deployment. The pocket clip is reversible for left or right handed carry and the knife also has a glass breaker on the end.

So if you're looking for an A+ quality OTF knife, and you want something that is reasonably priced while still being made in America, there is no other option. 


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