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Science Shows Link Between Pesky “Ceramides” And Weight Gain, But Also Delivers A "Juicy" Solution

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We all know that losing weight is hard. And keeping it off can be even harder. But recent studies from University of Alberta in Canada are showing amazing promise with the linking of “Ceramides” and their roll in weight gain. A factor almost no one is talking about that could be the KEY to unlocking healthy and permanent weight loss.

Ceramides are tiny little lipid molecules that act as “spacers” between cells in our body. They’re found in the outer layer of skin helping to protect us from things like UV rays, bacteria and other environmental pollutants. But they also force fat cells to spill into the blood stream where they can cause blockages and clogging in other organs. Most notably and recently, they can also cause increase weight gain.

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“Therefore, modulating ceramide metabolism may be a novel, exciting target for preventing and/or treating obesity-related diseases.”

So clearly - ridding yourself of these toxin inducing lipid molecules could go a LONG way in helping make weight loss easier.

So how exactly can you target and or shrink these cells, effectively rendering them ineffective, giving you control of your weight loss?

Well, as crazy as it sounds, the answer might be found in JUICE.

 No, not just any juice that you’d pick up from your local grocery store. But a very specific kind of juice that attacks ceramides at the cellular level.

 It’s a little-known fact that when you eat or drink something with a high concentration of certain vitamins, minerals and enzymes - it can have profound effects on your Ceramide levels.

For example, Vitamin C has been shown to help ceramide levels stay in balance, while Vitamin E has been shown to shrink ceramide cells.

 But the most effective way to target these fat-inducing molecules is with a very special kind of juice that’s loaded with natural ingredients that have Ceramide-busting power.

 There’s a new POWER juice on the block that is touting a very specific blend of exotic nutrients that are known to target and shrink these Ceramides while also increasing metabolism, and 

it's called Ikaria!

Ikaria Juice is made with a specific blend of exotic, and hard to get, ingredients like:

1. Milk Thistle - known to help protect the liver from damage
2. Resveratrol - an anti-aging powerhouse that helps keep skin looking young and elastic
3. Panax Ginseng - an energy boosting root used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine
4. Pomegranate - loaded with antioxidants that help fight free radicals
5. Citric Pectin - helps improve gut health

And more power packed ingredients specifically blended together to attack Ceramides and increase metabolism.

Ikaria is a unique and delicious way to help your body target these Ceramides that have been shown to cause weight gain, while also enjoying the benefits of increased energy, better skin and a healthier gut.

Not to mention, it actually tastes WAY better than the other dehydrated juices because the manufacturers added natural flavor ingredients like Hibiscus, Strawberry Extract, and Açaí. 

If you're looking for a delicious and nutritious way to help your body target ceramides that have been shown to cause weight gain, then Ikaria is definitely worth checking out. Not only is it effective, but it’s also tasty! 

To read more about Ikaria Juice, the science behind it and its effectiveness, Visit Here


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